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Works in progress

Konst i territoriet:
A series work of art ideas released in Mälardalen, Sweden. The overlooking perspective could be to strengthen Mälardalen as an important region and carrier of culture in EU.
Eco Balticum:
Cooperation with other artists (Bakula, Jenkins, Miotte, a.o.). We are seeking to increase the ecological consciousness in Poland, Sweden and all countries around the Baltic sea.
Workshop with Word, Sounds and Images (WSI):
Collected words since 1986 in longer and shorter pieces.
Sounds recorded on tape since 1986 from different occasions.
Images, moving and still, collected since 1970.
Läs gärna presentationen "Konst i territoriet, ett WSI-projekt".
Upcoming happening:
There will be some kind of WSI-happening in Stockholm/December 2003. Please mail me so that I can keep you updated on this!

Adalbert can be contacted by e-mail